How to Answer iPhone Calls Automatically on iOS 11 Beta

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The new iOS 11 features are so fun to explore. This upcoming firmware version is pretty cool. You can get the first beta if you wish to test it. Or you can read about the possibilities this upgrade will bring and get acquainted with all the changes a couple of months from now since Apple will officially present this operating system for all iPhone and iPad users in the fall.

Auto Answer iPhone iOS 11

There are a lot of wonderful settings in iOS 11 beta 1. For example, if you wished for your phone answering calls automatically option – it is now available. You got it right. You can use auto answer phone call feature right after you install the most recent mobile operating system brought by the Cupertino-based giant.

Would you like to simplify your life? This can be done even on iPhone 7 if you don’t want to wait for the next iPhone 8 release.

We’ll share a detailed guide how you can enable iOS 11 tricks for automatic phone answers and you can give it a try right on the first beta if you ever decide to test it. For example, you can make your iPhone 7 battery last longer if you want.

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Answer Calls Automatically iPhone iOS 11 Instruction

Step 1. Install iOS 11 beta or you won’t be able to test the new feature.

Step 2. Now let’s enjoy the cool iOS 11 tricks by going to your Settings.

Step 3. Choose General menu to continue.

Step 4. There is no need to search for auto answer app for iPhone because with iOS 11 update you can go to Accessibility.

Step 5. Get down to the option called Call Audio Routing. Press on it.

Step 6. Choose the option for your audio. There is Automatic, Speaker or Bluetooth Headset to select from. Everything depends on where you want your phone calls to be heard on the ‘fruit’ device.

Step 7. Figure out the time that should pass after the calls started to ring. This is the period of time after which your ios 11 will answer calls on your gadget.

Step 8. Click on Auto-Answer Calls and enable this feature by toggling the switch.

Step 9. Now you can choose the time duration. Just use the ‘+’ option to increase it and ‘-’ to decrease it.

Step 10. This is how you set up phone answering calls automatically feature on iOS 11.

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Would you like to make your iPhone 7 faster? What do you think about these new iOS 11 features? Isn’t it awesome when you can answer your calls automatically on iPhone?

Of course, this option is hidden deep within your Settings but once you master auto answer iPhone trick you’ll never miss an important call.

Explore the fun changes brought to the future iPhone and iPad mobile firmware version in the summer. The new iOS 11 is available to anyone who likes risking and testing new software, finding bugs and reporting them to the company so that all the issues are fixed by the time this OS becomes public in the fall.

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