Cool iOS 11 Changes You’ll Fall in Love With on Your iPhone

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It is here. The next iOS 11 is officially available for testing which will last throughout the summer. All users who are not big fans of testing, finding and reporting bugs will explore all the new iOS 11 features in September when Apple is expected to release its upgrade to public.

New iOS 11

Even if you are not planning to install iOS 11 beta 1 right now you can still learn about iOS 11 changes. Right? It is cool to peer inside the future update and see what you’ll get soon. This firmware for iPhone and iPad was introduced during WWDC 2017 event. This is annual developers’ conference that allows game and app makers explore the changes and implement them in their upcoming products.

Some iOS 11 options are brand new. Nothing similar was offered by iOS 9 or iOS 10 [learn how to make your iPhone 7 battery last longer]. For example, you’ll enjoy the completed redesigned App Store and Control Center. There are other interesting changes that could impress you as well.

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iOS 11 New Features

So what has changed? What’s new in iOS 11? We’ll shortly describe the most interesting options and improvements to you. Remember that these are iOS 11 beta features that could get further enhancements by the time this operating system becomes official. Would your iPhone perform better?

Siri Update

The personal assistant gets some new iOS 11 features. Siri can now translate for you. It can learn from you considering various facts about your location, likes and dislikes. For example, it can suggest what to read, create a calendar location for you and understand your follow-up inquires with a single tap.

Maps Improvement

iOS 11 changes bring Apple Maps tool to the biggest malls. You’ll enjoy both outdoor and indoor maps from now on. This should work for shops, airports and other places.

Control Center Changes

This part of the firmware gets a cute simple look. It got new design and a lot of widgets to enjoy.

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Apple Music gets also some enhancements. You can now learn what music your friends enjoy if they don’t choose a private profile. Various programs should be able to access your Music application and interact with it.

Redesigned App Store

The iOS 11 options bring a really improved and faster App Store. It shows the apps you like, can automatically renew with Apple Pay and brings simpler and more joyable experience to users.

New iMessage Features

This popular iMessage app on iOS 11 beta gets some redesign as well. It can sync with your iCloud account so you can read your conversations on any gadget linked to this particular iCloud account. However when you remove a message from one device it will be automatically deleted from all other gadgets.


Apple has created one option from your Notification Center and Lockscreen. Both features are now available when you swipe down or up on your screen.

Files Get Cooler

You’ll love the Files application on iOS 11 beta since it supports so many awesome things. Apple brings nested folders, makes it possible to sync iPhone and iPad files with iCloud and other popular services. For example, this should work with OneDrive and DropBox.

You can also drag-drop your files around the screen when you enter the full-screen mode.

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Better Images and Videos

Photos gets iOS 11 update as well. Your jpeg format is now replaced with heif that offers high quality photos at smaller size.

Videos are also now better as they use hevc format that is perfect for wonderful 4k video files making them as great but with less space needed for their storage.

You can see that there are many wonderful improvements in the upcoming iOS 11. If you are interested in looking at these and other changes on your own you can easily install iOS 11 beta 1 as a developer or public tester. Just don’t use your main phone for such experiments because all beta firmwares are buggy and can cause unknown problems.

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