Finally AT&T Unlock Under-Contract iPhone: But Not for All

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From now all the under-contract iPhones can AT&T unlock for free. What such changes? Let’s find out.

AT&T is definetly performing iPhone unlocks for many clients whose contracts remain effectively. Based on latest news several posters were able to unlock the gadgets after posting unlock asks to AT&T, despite the truth that some of them still had time-sometimes a number of time-left on the contracts.

This appears to oppose the AT&T unlock publicly said policy that it only works unlocks for customers who are no more in “active term agreements.”

As you may remember in April AT&T announced that it would start unlocking some iPhones, based on if they satisfy the company’s stringent specifications.

The organization verified that the iPhone becoming unlocked couldn’t be under-contract and your own account should be up to date for the ask to be authorized. But numerous posters in the thread stated they had nor ended their contracts nor had they finished the contracts along with AT&T.

Need to say that some users mentioned that they were able to unlock their iPhone with over a year left on the contract. One of them described, however, that he has been an AT&T unlock customer in good standing since iPhone 3GS was launched in 2009, which he thinks may have had some effect on a chance to get the unlock.

AT&T confirmed that iPhone clients who are still under-contract shouldn’t qualify for an unlock. They provide qualifying clients a chance to unlock their AT&T iPhones on the web.

The only needs are that a customer’s profile should be up to date, their gadget can’t be connected with a present and effective term commitment with an AT&T unlockclient account. So that, they have to have achieved their contract term, improved under one of AT&T upgrade policies or perhaps paid a first termination payment.

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