Free AT&T iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Unlock Instruction [Official]

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AT&T iPhone 6 free unlock seems to be real if you follow this interesting no cost unlocking method. The instruction was found on the web and it promises to successfully unlock AT&T iPhone for free if you have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus model.

Apple launched its new seventh generation 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch smartphones in mid-September 2014. Over 10 million customers have already purchased this gadget and users who are locked and activated to AT&T carrier in the U.S. can learn how to unlock iPhone 6 Plus AT&T for free along with the iPhone 6 version.

This method supports both iPhone 6 models, so it doesn’t matter which of the two new cell phones you have on hands. If you are locked to AT&T, this is what you can try to become SIM free without paying anyone for this service to be done.

unlock at&t iphone for free

Guide on How to Unlock AT&T iPhone 6 for Free

Attention: this method hasn’t been proved by us so if it turns out to be fake and not work for you, you can always order reliable factory IMEI unlock for AT&T iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that guarantees permanent unlocking solution to you.

Firstly, you must pay the full price for your iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6. If you buy a gadget at a subsidized price, this tool will not work for you.

Secondly, your iPhone has to be activated with your carrier’s SIM card.

Thirdly, follow this instruction and get free iPhone 6 unlock from AT&T right now:

Step 1. Insert your AT&T SIM card into your new smartphone.

Step 2. You should now enter your activation code. There are two methods to try here: enter

Either *123*your zip code*05#

Or *123*your zip code*06#

Step 3. Once you entered one of the numbers above, press Call.

Step 4. Turn off your device. Wait for about 10 minutes and turn it on. The message with a phone number will be received by you but you don’t actually need it.

Step 5. After you have activated the SIM card, you need to plug your iOS phone to PC or Mac.

Step 6. Launch iTunes program on your computer.

Step 7. Backup your iPhone data and select Restore option via iTunes. This will erase your information.

Step 8. Once your AT&T iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is restored you should see a message about a successful unlock.

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