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This year has brought a lot of nice surprises to iPhone users. Firstly, AT&T promised to officially unlock iPhones for free if consumers meet particular requirements set by the mobile operator. This was an amazing promise to all users who wished to use their smartphone overseas or on a different network in the USA but didn’t want to jailbreak their gadget, however the unlocking process was pretty hard since you had to call AT&T directly and request the unlock. Secondly, the carrier finally announces free iPhone unlock online and in stores. And this news is even greater since the process has been much simplified!

Now all former and current AT&T customers and even users who simply own the handset number of previous AT&T iPhone consumer are able to get their iPhone officially unlocked online. The information about the unlock process is posted on AT&T’s official website. All you have to do is go to the website, fill in your information and enjoy your iPhone being unlocked for other networks.

Who Is Eligible for Free AT&T iPhone Unlock?

The rules you have to follow in order to have the iOS smartphone unlocked by AT&T are simple:

  • your device must not be reported as stolen or lost;
  • you should not have any current contracts with other carriers when you apply for AT&T iPhone unlock;
  • the handset you own should be active for about two months (at least 60 days);
  • your smartphone is designed for AT&T use;
  • you have paid all your AT&T bills before requesting the free iPhone unlock.

If you meet these requirements, you are allowed to place the request for unlock online. The company will unlock your iPhone in about 5-7 days. Of course, if you call them directly, this process will take less time and your device will be unlocked immediately.

Each current and former AT&T user can request 5 unlocks per account per year. All iOS smartphone models are eligible for this procedure, even the new iPhone 5 and the original gadget.

The Form to Fill in

AT&T asks you to submit an iPhone Unlock request online and fill in the following information about yourself: customer type, wireless number, IMEI number which you can find in Settings – About on the handset, your first and last name, email, and SSN last four numbers.

That’s it. You can see how easy it is to request free AT&T iPhone unlock. However, keep in mind that the carrier can deny your request if it thinks that the request can abuse the company’s policy or would defraud the mobile operator or its consumers.

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