IMEI Can Be Blocked by AT&T If iPhone Is Stolen

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If someone stole your iPhone, AT&T can help you: mobile operator released a new system in July 2012, which was be able to block any stolen iPhone. So the thief will not be able to use any network on your iPhone. Also it is very hard to unlock IMEI of AT&T iPhone when it is blacklisted.

The journalists reports with reference to some unnamed sources, that the AT&T block voice calls, data transfer, and the transfer of SMS-messages to devices that have been stolen. Thus the subscriber’s account will not be closed to prevent blocking the SIM-card.

at&t block stolen iphone imei

According to sources, the company allegedly sent a message to some government services that support consumers, which interlock system will be introduced some changes. According to the new message AT&T will introduce a special block list of stolen devices that service will be suspended.

To add a device to the list, you will have direct contact with the client. In addition, the company will require its customers that they remotely delete all of your data from the device, if this feature is supported on their device. AT&T give the ability to subsequently remove a device from the list of blocked devices if the users will want this.

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