iPad Picture in Picture Mode iOS 11 Update: How to Use

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The picture in picture mode is great for iPad users who like to watch videos while performing other tasks at the same time. iOS 11 features introduced by Apple in summer 2017 also improve this cool picture-in-picture option. What are the changes? How can you test them?

Picture in Picture iPad Mode

Why do you still need iPad picture in picture feature? Firstly, this is a cool option for multitasking. It makes sure you can watch a video and talk to your friends simultaneously. Just like it happens on your computer. Tablet users really like it. Secondly, you can decide on your own whether to enable or disable your picture in picture mode on iOS 11. In other words, you can control your firmware and Apple iDevice.

Let’s look closer at amazing iOS 11 features offered for iPad users. If you want to see everything with your own eyes and test these changes you can install iOS 11 beta for free. Apple has a no-cost program for public testers who are allowed to officially download, install and use beta firmwares. You can also report bugs and issues to the company so that the final version arrives with less problems possible.

iPad picture in picture mode is offered shorten to PiP. This PiP option is perfect for users who perform several tasks at once and need to chat, respond to emails, make notes while watching the favorite TV show, movie or other video.

Are you ready to kill two birds with one stone on the newest iOS 11? Keep reading to explore the most recent changes brought to the popular mobile software.

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How to Use iOS 11 Picture-in-Picture Mode

Step 1. To try new iOS 11 features you have to install this beta firmware on your iPad.

Step 2. Now let’s enable PiP mode. Launch your favorite video application.

Step 3. Now play your favorite video.

Step 4. Click on the PiP button that automatically enables your picture in picture feature.

Step 5. Let’s reposition your window with video to perform other tasks at the same time. Place your finger on the picture-in-picture window with video and drag it to the corner of your iPad screen.

Step 6. If you need to resize the video you should place two fingers on the window and shrink your video. It is really simple to do. Pinch fingers together and the video will be smaller or spread them apart to expand the window.

Step 7. If you decide to disable the PiP feature on iOS 11 you should go to Settings – General menu.

Step 8. Select Multitasking on iPad.

Step 9. Disable the option Persistent Video Overlay and you won’t have picture-in-picture iPad mode starting automatically when you launch a new video.

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Unfortunately the list of applications that support PiP changes is pretty short as of today. Hopefully developers will update their programs by the time iOS 11 goes to public in September. Right now you can try the picture-in-picture feature in your default video player, in Hulu, Netflix, ESPN, Vudu, Showtime, NHL, HBO Go and some other programs.

It is nice that you can turn on and off the option, reposition the windows and even swipe the video off your iPad screen once you touch it with a finger. Does it sound like something worth testing? By the way, you can make your iPhone 7 perform much better following some tips.

Explore the 3 buttons offered by PiP pane: return to the app, Play and Pause, Close. You’ll love how everything is easily controlled. What do you think about these improvements?

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