How to Make iPhone 7 Battery Last Much Longer

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Do you know it is possible to extend your iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 battery life for up to 3 days at single charge? How to save battery on iPhone 6s and older models? You have most likely heard that the Apple 7 Plus version is more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S8 and some other smartphones. Still is it powerful enough to last for a couple of days without recharge?

Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

Testers who compared the 7 Plus version with Galaxy S8 assure that the ‘fruit’ device has longer battery life. However the Apple gadget didn’t compete with S8+ and this other Samsung phone has a bigger battery capacity. We should note that the difference isn’t that great since both companies are improving their devices.

No matter how powerful your handset is you can always extend your iPhone 7 battery life as well save some power on other ‘fruit’ versions. Also learn how to enhance your smartphone performance on iOS 10.

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Follow some great tips for iOS 10 battery drain fix and extending the life of your single-charged smartphone.

* Low Power Mode

To save iPhone battery on iOS 10 you should enable low power mode. This great feature can be activated when your battery gets down to 20 percent. Once you turn it on it will does its best to reduce the consumption of power until you get a change to fully charge your device.

For example, the phone stops automatic updates, disables app refresh and various effects.

You can also low down the brightness of the screen.

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* Save Battery by Updating Your Firmware

Making sure your operating system is up to date is also one of the methods how to save iPhone battery life. This works on iOS 10 and worked on previous iOS 9. It will surely work on iOS 11 as well.

Of course, there are also possibility of new bugs and problems with each upgrade and still software receives newer versions to optimize it and make more efficient for users and their battery life.

* Disable Notifications

No matter how big your iPhone 7 battery mah (it is 1,960 mAh) is you are still advised to disable sounds and notifications when you wish to extend its life for the day. It’s also a good idea to turn off vibration. Handsets that are using simple silent (even loud) option last longer than gadgets with enabled notifications, vibrations and sounds.

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* Maps and Battery Life on iPhone 7 Plus

How often do you use default Maps or Google Maps program? Users who prefer getting the route via GPS should remember to end their route because otherwise your phone will get drained way faster.
Besides, don’t use the apps and games when you need to save your battery life.

* Don’t Believe in Promises

One of the top iPhone battery charging tips is never believe in what developers and companies say when they offer battery saving applications and chargers. You might get a good deal or end up consuming even more power than you used to. A lot of apps that are meant to ‘save’ keep running in the background all the time.

If you are thinking of buying a modern case with multiple additional features it’s better to get a portable charger as well as such accessories can also consume your power.

Now let’s talk about iPhone 7 2,900-mAh battery life review with expensive battery cases. There are some models in the market that could make the phone last longer for up to 2-3 days. Of course, such cases have their own 3,500-4,000 mAh batteries built-in. This is how the smartphone gets additional power to last throughout several days.

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