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Sometimes you can get Not Found code after buying iPhone unlock or ordering IMEI network check. What should you do if you face an iPhone message not found error? Is it possible to solve the iPhone unlock code not working problem? Let’s see what we can do and what is impossible to achieve.

We’ll shortly describe each problem [we will pay attention at the most common issues, of course] and tell you what the solution is.

iphone message not found

Issue 1. iPhone Unlock Code Not Working

It sometimes happens that iOS users come across their code “not found” problem. Is there anything you can do to change this situation?

The iPhone unlock code “not found” message appears when your IMEI is incorrect. This means you should verify your IMEI number by typing *#06#. The correct code will be displayed on your smartphone’s screen. Also you can check it going to Settings – General – About and scroll down till you see the 15 digits of IME #.

This is very common issue, so please check twice if you typed the right IMEI.

Issue 2. Unlock Code Not Found While IMEI Is Correct

Are you 100% sure that you know your IMEI number and it still appears at “not found?” This can happen when your unlock code is blocked by the mobile operator or left blank. It exists in Apple IMEI database but the unlock code next to it is lost.

Apple servers give Not Found because iPhone may be blacklisted. Unfortunately we don’t provide service to check if IMEI is blacklisted/barred/blocked/lost/stolen. To check it you can use checkmend.com and get all info about blocked or not status of your device.

Issue 3. Wrong Carrier Submission

Very often some iPhone owners purchase unlock for the wrong carrier. For example, if your iPhone is locked to Rogers Canada and you bought unlock for AT&T US you would 100% receive Not Found code.

In this case you can use IMEI carrier checker first and only after you will receive results with the carrier you can contact us and will help you to free your device from the locked network.

How to Unlock iPhone if You Got Not Found

Here is what you can do to solve the IMEI “not found” problem. It is still possible to order iPhone unlock as your device’s IMEI code can be sent directly to the manufacturer in order to receive an unlock or we can submit your unlock request to the carrier and unlock it.

There is no free solution to iPhone message “not found” problem mostly experienced by AT&T users [exclusive AT&T phones are not longer included in the database]. Sometimes the issue can be experienced by customers whose smartphones are less than a month old.

So, in this case every our consumer who gets Not Found email after ordering unlock, have one free unlock submission but only for AT&T iPhone. To use this free method check if the IMEI is correct, not blacklisted and locked only to AT&T network. Just follow instructions in the email you receive that your code is Not Found (like on the screenshot above).

As to IMEI network checker – contact us and we will check it again for free as well.

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