Save $100 Checking AT&T iPad Data Plan Cost [2013-2014]

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What would you say if you were offered an AT&T 4G LTE iPad with a $100 discount? Would you buy such a tablet computer? AT&T customers will be able to get such a deal if they subscribe for a two-year data plan. We will tell you more about AT&T iPad data plan cost 2013-2014 and you will see if its price is affordable and can satisfy your needs.

The curious announcement by one of the biggest U.S. carriers sounds interesting. At least, at the first glance the preposition to buy iPad with a $100 discount looks delicious. Is this sale really such a nice deal? What about the price of the data contract?

at&t ipad data plans 2013-2014

About the Deal

As you have understood, your iPad price will be subsidized only in exchange for AT&T 2-year contract. The mobile operator will let customers to get this popular tablet computer with a discount and month-to-month data [Apple has reportedly confirmed this deal]. Users will be able to terminate their month-to-month plan at any time.

The deal is available since November 9th. So you can now get $100 off any iPad model bought at any AT&T store or its official website if you decide to get the continuous 2-year lock-in offer. By the way, according to AT&T, their discounts for tablets are offered while supplies last only.


So what is AT&T iPad plans 2013-2014? The company allows its iOS clients to add their tablet to the Mobile Share plan. This will cost customers $10 a month. This data plan offers users a chance to share up to 20GB of data with any iOS devices.

Other AT&T iPad data plan cost packages include:

  • DataConnect plan worth $15 per 250MB
  • DataConnect plan worth $30 per 3GB
  • DataConnect plan worth $50 per 5GB

What do you think about the new AT&T offer? Would you like to get an iPad with contract if you save $100 at once but stay locked to the carrier for two years and end up spending at least $360 in data plan fees?

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