How to Stop iOS 11 App Store Videos from Automatically Playing on iPhone

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Are you tired of promo videos while searching and using App Store? A lot of iPhone and iPad users might wish to disable such promos and turn off video autoplay on iPhone or tablet. It is possible on iOS 11 which is currently available as beta version for developers and public. Would you like to learn about the changes to video autoplay?

iOS 11 App Store Features

We described some of the most interesting iOS 11 features that were unveiled in beta 1, 2 and 3. Now let’s talk about one great option that can stop videos from playing automatically while you are using your App Store on iPhone or iPad. Is it a useful feature? It surely is!

Even if you are not bored with multiple ads you have to think about this. Autoplay videos just like all other videos consume your mobile data. If you need to save battery life or cellular data you would like to turn off video autoplay on iPhone and iPad. It’s easy to do on iOS 11 so you should give it a try and see how everything changes.

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How to Stop Videos from Automatically Playing on iPhone App Store

Step 1. If you want to test the new features now you have to download and install iOS 11 beta [learn how to automatically answer phone calls on iOS 11 iPhone]. Use the most recent release since Apple fixes previous bugs in newer updates. You can get this firmware version for free by signing up for Public Beta Testing Program or as a developer.

Step 2. Go to Settings. This is the app where all main changes are made on iPhone and iPad.

Step 3. Get down the page and choose iTunes & App Store menu.

Step 4. Press on Auto-Play Videos section. It will show the three options.

Step 5. Choose one of the options: On, WiFi Only or Off. Since you want to stop autoplay videos from showing up you should toggle Off switch. This way you’ll disable your app previews in the App Store.

It is also possible to enable this feature if you want to see application previous in the App Store via cellular and WiFi connection. Or you can restrict video auto-play feature for WiFi connection only so that your app previous work only when you are connected to WiFi hotspot.

Step 6. Launch App Store and check how everything works. Disabled Auto-Play Videos won’t play now.

Batteries Widget iPhone

App Store video autoplay switch off is one of many great iOS 11 features you’ll love. This way you can enjoy browsing through the store, search for interesting applications, games and avoid files auto-playing if you don’t want them too.

From other side, you can enable this cool auto-play feature to see game and app previous while browsing the App Store on iOS 11. This way you don’t have to launch the application to see what it offers. A quick glimpse can answer a lot of questions and save your time.

Saving mobile data is a great option on iOS 11. Disable videos from playing automatically and stop worrying about your monthly bills. What do you think about this feature? Do you like the overall idea?

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