Can I Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 Back to iOS 9.3.1 on AT&T iPhone?

Downgrade iOS 9.3.2 to 9.3.1 iPhone How To Guide


There is a fast way how to downgrade iOS 9.3.2 back to version 9.3.1 on AT&T iPhone 6s / 6. It’s risky to downgrade and Apple doesn’t like when users return to previous operating system versions. Still there are many users who choose to revert back no matter what the Cupertino-based giant thinks. You can follow the short guide and…

AT&T iPhone Users Can Change Netflix Mobile Data Usage | Guide

Adjust Netflix Video Quality Cellular Data Usage ATT iPhone


iPhone users can easily control the quality of Netflix videos and even lower Netflix mobile data usage on their smartphone. This could be handy to AT&T iPhone subscribers and anyone else who prefers saving money by reducing data usage. How much mobile data does Netflix use? You can get this information by installing Netflix iOS 9 application on your Apple…

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup [Guide]

ios 7 activation lock


If you created a backup copy of your iPhone using iCloud you can use iCloud restore for iPhone from backup. This is simple, quick and easy to do. Maybe there was something wrong with your handset during update to the new iOS 8 beta 1 or jailbreak / hack attempt. You can get back to your saved restore version and…

New Problem with iOS App Updating and Apple ID



A lot of Apple customers get the same iOS app updates error. This new issue is faced by mostly international users who report problems on Apple official support forums and via Twitter. As people say, they are not able to update their iOS applications. This process fails to be successful and they receive Apple ID error while trying to upgrade….

iPhone Guide: Use Flash as Led Notification



If you want to add some extra options to your iPhone, you can use this guide and make your iPhone use flash as LED notification. It is simple to add these changes with the help of different Accessibility features. This can turn your smartphone into a device with the LED notification light. Follow this simple guide and get flash LED…

Official AT&T iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1.1 Models

unlock AT&T iphone ios 7.1.1


Apple presented its new iOS 7.1.1 and some AT&T iPhone users have already updated to this firmware. You can easily unlock iOS 7.1.1 iPhone from AT&T in case you are still locked and limited to your 2-year contract or out of contract by now. AT&T official iPhone unlock is a simple, popular, safe, guaranteed, permanent and top-quality service that will…

iDevice Users Get iOS 7.1.1 Update Links from Apple



Just like experts predicted, Apple launched its new iOS 7.1.1 for public use. It solves some problems experienced by users and improves the firmware performance along with Touch ID option and keyboard response. There are two main methods on how you can get iOS 7.1.1 update. One way is using OTA upgrade option. The other one is through download links….

iOS 7.1 Features: YouTube Audio in Background How to Play

Download Jasmine for iOS 7


iPhone users who have installed iOS 7.1 get a small problem. Each time they are listening to YouTube music or watch videos they hear the music stop playing once they are trying to do other things on the smartphone. There is cool iOS 7.1 feature you must know about. There is a good application called Jasmine. You can find it…

iOS 7.1 Problems with Slow Keyboard: How to Fix

iOS 7.1 Problems with Keyboard


Most users know how to update to iOS 7.1 through OTA option or via direct links to this firmware. iTunes can also help you with the updating however there are some problems you need to know about before you install the latest Apple operating system for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iPhone keyboard problem has surfaced in addition to…

iPhone IMEI Information and Unlock Checker Tool

iphone imei details


IMEI is an exclusive [unique] code given to each Apple smartphone. It is a shorten form for International Mobile Station Equipment that is important to the manufacturers, carriers and users. You can learn a lot about your handset if you know its IMEI number because it gives you access to interesting iPhone IMEI info. This number is like a fingerprint….

Apple iOS in the Car Integration Released in CarPlay Update for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5

iOS CarPlay


iOS 6 car integration was long awaited from Apple, and now with iOS 7 introduction and high popularity a lot of drivers keep waiting for iOS in the car feature official presentation. You get an ability to drive safely since you are able to use Apple Maps while holding the steering wheel. You can do this with CarPlay. This new…

iPhone Battery Drain Fix After iOS 7.0.6 Update

ios 7.0 6 battery drain


iOS 7.0.6 release is the latest iOS 7 firmware version that can downloaded today. Apple presented it as the fix to SSL network verification. A lot of people were fast to adopt this operating system to get rid of iOS 7 problems with the build 11B651. New reports suggest that iOS 7.0.6 update brings iPhone battery bug. The file that…

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