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Official AT&T iPhone Unlock for iOS 7.1.1 Models

unlock AT&T iphone ios 7.1.1


Apple presented its new iOS 7.1.1 and some AT&T iPhone users have already updated to this firmware. You can easily unlock iOS 7.1.1 iPhone from AT&T in case you are still locked and limited to your 2-year contract or out of contract by now. AT&T official iPhone unlock is a simple, popular, safe, guaranteed, permanent and top-quality service that will…

iDevice Users Get iOS 7.1.1 Update Links from Apple



Just like experts predicted, Apple launched its new iOS 7.1.1 for public use. It solves some problems experienced by users and improves the firmware performance along with Touch ID option and keyboard response. There are two main methods on how you can get iOS 7.1.1 update. One way is using OTA upgrade option. The other one is through download links….

Can You Unlock AT&T iPhone for T-Mobile? Cheap Solution for iPhone 5S iOS 7.1

unlock iphone 5s at&t


Here is a chance to use your AT&T iPhone with T-Mobile SIM card whenever you are. Forget about roaming and other staff like that. Just insert SIM and enjoy calls! Some users have already installed the most recent iOS 7.1 firmware on the iPhone 5S which brings new features, including CarPlay app and new YouTube Audio in background feature. While…

iOS 7.1 Features: YouTube Audio in Background How to Play

Download Jasmine for iOS 7


iPhone users who have installed iOS 7.1 get a small problem. Each time they are listening to YouTube music or watch videos they hear the music stop playing once they are trying to do other things on the smartphone. There is cool iOS 7.1 feature you must know about. There is a good application called Jasmine. You can find it…

iOS 7.1 Problems with Slow Keyboard: How to Fix

iOS 7.1 Problems with Keyboard


Most users know how to update to iOS 7.1 through OTA option or via direct links to this firmware. iTunes can also help you with the updating however there are some problems you need to know about before you install the latest Apple operating system for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iPhone keyboard problem has surfaced in addition to…

iPhone 4S iOS 7.1 Problems with Wi-Fi Connectivity


iOS 7.1 update didn’t go as smooth as most of us hoped. Apple tried its best to release the major firmware upgrade and the first reports cam soon. People complained about battery issues. This is not the only bug, as iPhone 4S owners experience bad or not working Wi-Fi connectivity. The operating system brought new features such as CarPlay for…

Apple iOS in the Car Integration Released in CarPlay Update for iPhone 5S / 5c / 5

iOS CarPlay


iOS 6 car integration was long awaited from Apple, and now with iOS 7 introduction and high popularity a lot of drivers keep waiting for iOS in the car feature official presentation. You get an ability to drive safely since you are able to use Apple Maps while holding the steering wheel. You can do this with CarPlay. This new…

iPhone Battery Drain Fix After iOS 7.0.6 Update

ios 7.0 6 battery drain


iOS 7.0.6 release is the latest iOS 7 firmware version that can downloaded today. Apple presented it as the fix to SSL network verification. A lot of people were fast to adopt this operating system to get rid of iOS 7 problems with the build 11B651. New reports suggest that iOS 7.0.6 update brings iPhone battery bug. The file that…

iOS 7 Calculator with Bunch of Cool Options for iPhone / iPad

Tydlig app ios 7 calculator


iOS 7 calculator with a lot of features can be installed on your iDevice with Tydlig app. This program has been re-imagined for the new firmware and its latest update brings a number of cool options that are not available in your built-in app. The interface is easy-to-use. It is adjusted for the firmware 7 devices and offers flat design…

iOS 7 Conversation: How to Delete Particular Text Messages Guide



iOS 7 has a lot of new features interesting to iPhone and iPad users. A lot of options haven’t been presented in previous iOS 6 firmware thus it takes some time to learn everything Apple introduced in the latest update. Now you can delete iPhone conversation in iOS 7. You are most likely familiar with the multitasking, Parallax effect, Camera…

New File Sharing Risks for iPhone and iPad Owners

apple server status


Different applications for iPhone and iPad have potential risk for Apple fans. File sharing risk exists for iOS users, according to Trustwave research. The flaws are pretty serious so it’s better to know about possible problems and protect yourself before it’s too late. The issue is related to file sharing iOS applications. A consultant from Trustware [Bruno Goncalves de Oliveira]…

Is Activation Lock On or Off on My iOS 7 iPhone?

check find my iphone


Question: Hi, I have purchased a used iPhone with iOS 6 and now I am planning to update it to iOS 7. How can I know for sure if its Activation Lock is off or on along with Find My iPhone application? Is it safe to install the latest Apple firmware or should I stay on version 6? Answer: Hello,…

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