iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Could Get 256GB Storage Capacity

iPhone 7 256GB Storage Capacity Rumors


There are so many iPhone 7 storage rumors that it’s hard to get an idea what exactly we will see this fall. There are predictions about possible big updates and there are ideas about minor changes so it’s impossible to say right now what ‘fruit’ model users can expect soon. Apple is going to announce new iOS 10 and some…

Apple Has Chances to Update and Improve Siri in 2016

Apple Siri Improvement Update 2016


How will Apple improve Siri assistant this year? The company should release iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in the fall. The company has all chances to enhance its mobile personal assistant for smartphones with the help of VocalIQ. There are rumors about Apple obtaining the company VocalIQ to use it for Apple Siri update. This option could be important for…

Interesting Idea of All Glass iPhone 8 Gets More Realistic

All Glass iPhone 8 Rumors 2017


The idea of all glass iPhone sounds too crazy however it could be more realistic than you could think. There could be real all glass iPhone 8 which should be released in 2017. This is the year when Apple is expected to bring something very special and unique. The company will celebrate its iPhone’s 10th anniversary. The upcoming iPhone 7…

iPhone 7 Could Get Minor Design Changes

iPhone 7 Rumors Minor Design Changes


Looking for impressive iPhone 7 design change? How will Apple improve the next generation smartphone model? What can the company add to current design to attract move customers and make current users interested in upgrading to the next iPhone 7. According to reports, iPhone 7 design concept can be seen in iPhone 7 accessories. The leaked images reveal possible accessories…

Where Is Best and Cheapest Price on iPhone in the World?

iPhone 6 Cheapest Price in World


Apple fans are constantly looking for the cheapest iPhone 6 deals. This is not the most recent generation smartphone released by this company still it’s new enough for upgrading if you find iPhone 6s too expensive and 4-inch iPhone SE too small. Where is best price on iPhone 6 out there? Apple handsets are priced pretty high compared to other…

iPhone 7 Leaked Image Surfaces to Suggest Upcoming 2016 Changes

iPhone 7 Concept Leak


Have you seen iPhone 7 leaked image? There are several iPhone 7 leaks but these are just rumors and no one can give you 100% guarantee that the showcased device is the next generation Apple smartphone. Still judged by the photos we can imagine the next ‘fruit’ device. The so called iPhone 7 leaked picture shows the gadgets sized similar…

Unlock iOS 9 iPhone from AT&T Carriers Using SIM Factory Unlocking

AT&T iPhone SIM Unlock Factory


Many users keep dreaming of iPhone AT&T unlock however it’s not that easy to get iPhone factory unlock directly from this U.S. carrier. There are other American networks that stopped locking Apple smartphones but this is not the case with the Big Blue Carrier. You can unlock AT&T iPhone running any firmware version. In other words, you can unlock iOS…

Smart Connector Idea for Next iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Smart Connector Features Specs Rumors


The next iPhone 7 rumors promise a different from iPhone SE device. This is not surprising since the 4-inch iPhone SE released this spring was mainly meant for emerging markets and users who wish to upgrade their iPhone 5, 5c and 5s models. Those customers who own iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are believed to enjoy their gadget without the…

Will iPhone 7 Be Waterproof in 2016?

iPhone 7 Concept Touch Sensitive Home Button Rumor


Many Apple fans would like to get waterproof iPhone with many impressive features and options after new iPhone SE release. We’ve heard different iPhone 7 rumors and some of them assure that waterproof capability will be postponed until 2017. Still there are experts who are sure that Apple is testing waterproof devices and planning to release them this fall. The…

iPhone SE Sales in China Become Popular and Win Over Other Brands

iPhone SE Sales in China


How popular is iPhone SE in China? Many American users who dreamt of a smaller 4-inch device have already pre-ordered AT&T iPhone SE. Chinese consumers are also active and over 3 million pre-orders prove this fact. iPhone SE sales figures are amazing. Maybe the current numbers are not as high as iPhone 6s / 6s Plus sales were but the…

Apple iPhone 7 Pro Pics Reveal Smart Connector and Dual Cameras

iPhone 7 Pro Rumors


More iPhone 7 rumors surface to reveal interesting iPhone 7 features that we could possibly see later this year. Apple presented iPhone SE this spring however the 4-inch handset is not the only handset model customers can purchase in 2016. The ‘fruit’ giant has plans to launch iPhone 7. There are some pics with iPhone 7 specs that show Smart…

When Does iPhone 7 Come Out?

iPhone 7 Concept Image


Many users wonder about iPhone 7 dimensions, options, specs and other details. Apple should release this new generation smartphone in the fall 2016 while users can’t wait for Apple March Event. We have heard some new rumors and will gladly share information about possible new handset features. Firstly, sources promise some new Apple iPhone 7 features however the details will…

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