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Apple Presents iPhone Trade Up with Installments Program to Europe

Apple iPhone Trade in Program Europe


Apple presents new iPhone Trade up with Installments options to users from several European countries [do you know where to find the cheapest iPhone 6 in the world?]. The Cupertino giant has been offering this program in the U.S. only and now expands the list of supported areas. You can get iPhone installments with trade up options in Spain, Italy,…

Robots Now Help to Assemble iPhones in China

Robots Assemble Apple iPhone China News Foxconn


Apple has been working with Foxconn for a long while. This year iPhone assembly line gets some interesting changes. The Chinese factory decided it’s time for robots to replace thousands of workers. Maybe this way the factory will be able to meet future high demand for next iPhone lineup. Can you imagine iPhone SE assembled in China with robots? The…

iPhone 7 Could Get Minor Design Changes

iPhone 7 Rumors Minor Design Changes


Looking for impressive iPhone 7 design change? How will Apple improve the next generation smartphone model? What can the company add to current design to attract move customers and make current users interested in upgrading to the next iPhone 7. According to reports, iPhone 7 design concept can be seen in iPhone 7 accessories. The leaked images reveal possible accessories…

Where Is Best and Cheapest Price on iPhone in the World?

iPhone 6 Cheapest Price in World


Apple fans are constantly looking for the cheapest iPhone 6 deals. This is not the most recent generation smartphone released by this company still it’s new enough for upgrading if you find iPhone 6s too expensive and 4-inch iPhone SE too small. Where is best price on iPhone 6 out there? Apple handsets are priced pretty high compared to other…

How Fast Is iOS 9.3.2 Compared to iOS 9.3.1?

iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 9.3.1 Speed Test Comparison iPhone 6s


Apple updated mobile firmware for its iPhones and iPads this May. How fast is iOS 9.3.2? This new operating system version has many bugs but they mostly affect 9.7-inch iPad Pro users. Experts compared iOS 9.3.2 vs 9.3.1 through speed test. They loaded different applications, tested multitasking option and how the iPhone 6s was booting up on different firmware versions….

New iOS 9.3.2 Fixes iPhone SE Bluetooth Issues

Fix iPhone SE Bluetooth Bug with iOS 9.3.2 Update


Some new Apple customers experienced iPhone SE Bluetooth issues on AT&T and other U.S. networks. Finally the company offers the fix to this problem and you can solve all the bugs right away. How can you do this? Use iOS 9.3.2 bug fixes and install this latest operating systemon your AT&T iPhone SE. This minor firmware update is simple and…

Users Troubled by App Store Search Issues

App Store Search Bug April 2016 iPhone


Is App Store not working properly? You are not alone. A lot of users report different App Store search issues and can’t get to different titles that are showed in the search results [luckily there are no issues with iOS 9.3.1 AT&T iPhone SIM unlock service]. This happens all across the world and is not an issue in the U.S….

Apple Believes in High Demand for iPhone SE

iPhone SE Sales and High Demand


Let’s take a closer look at some iPhone SE news. Some experts think that iPhone SE sales won’t be high and that this is the biggest Apple mistake ever. The 4-inch smaller smartphone was officially released by the ‘fruit’ company this spring. Apple presented iPhone 6s and 6s Plus updates in the fall 2015. Its next big update should follow…

iPhone SE Sales in China Become Popular and Win Over Other Brands

iPhone SE Sales in China


How popular is iPhone SE in China? Many American users who dreamt of a smaller 4-inch device have already pre-ordered AT&T iPhone SE. Chinese consumers are also active and over 3 million pre-orders prove this fact. iPhone SE sales figures are amazing. Maybe the current numbers are not as high as iPhone 6s / 6s Plus sales were but the…

iPhone Users Unlock Their Sartphone 80 Times a Day

iPhone AT&T Touch ID Unlock Addiction


There many users who wish to own the popular Apple smartphone. How addictive is iPhone? You’ll be surprised to hear that there are many customers who are using their gadget so many times a day you couldn’t imagine. We are not talking about SIM iPhone unlock for AT&T and other carriers. This is a different distant service that you makes…

Customers Got iPhone SE Arrivals Ahead of Public Launch

iPhone SE Release Orders


Apple presented new iPhone SE this spring. You can get your new 4-inch smartphone that is more powerful than older iPhone 5s from AT&T. For example, Walmart sells iPhone SE locked to AT&T with $100 discount and this could be an interesting offer to all customers who have plans to get the 2016 smaller Apple handset. iPhone SE release date…

iPhone SE AT&T Data Plan Options

AT&T iPhone SE Data Plan


What is the most affordable data plan for iPhone SE? Should you choose AT&T? If you are already subscribed to this network you might want to learn more about iPhone SE AT&T data plans. It always comes to a data plan after you have chosen iPhone SE color, capacity and model. Have you decided on all these options? It is…

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