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How to Stop iOS 11 App Store Videos from Automatically Playing on iPhone

iOS 10 Social Networks Reduce Data Usage


Are you tired of promo videos while searching and using App Store? A lot of iPhone and iPad users might wish to disable such promos and turn off video autoplay on iPhone or tablet. It is possible on iOS 11 which is currently available as beta version for developers and public. Would you like to learn about the changes to…

iPad Picture in Picture Mode iOS 11 Update: How to Use

iCloud Photo Sharing on Mac iOS 10


The picture in picture mode is great for iPad users who like to watch videos while performing other tasks at the same time. iOS 11 features introduced by Apple in summer 2017 also improve this cool picture-in-picture option. What are the changes? How can you test them? Picture in Picture iPad Mode Why do you still need iPad picture in…

How to Activate Corporation iPad & iPhone


  Have you found a new job? Could you keep your corporation iPad or iPhone after quitting working for the previous company? Most corporation-owned iDevices cannot be activated by you because they are MDM locked. You are still able to bypass this profile and enjoy using your smartphone or tablet gadget in your everyday life, at home or your new…

How to Answer iPhone Calls Automatically on iOS 11 Beta

WhatsApp Tips for iPhone 7


The new iOS 11 features are so fun to explore. This upcoming firmware version is pretty cool. You can get the first beta if you wish to test it. Or you can read about the possibilities this upgrade will bring and get acquainted with all the changes a couple of months from now since Apple will officially present this operating…

Cool iOS 11 Changes You’ll Fall in Love With on Your iPhone

How to Use Best iPhone Transfer Software


It is here. The next iOS 11 is officially available for testing which will last throughout the summer. All users who are not big fans of testing, finding and reporting bugs will explore all the new iOS 11 features in September when Apple is expected to release its upgrade to public. New iOS 11 Even if you are not planning…

How to Make iPhone 7 Battery Last Much Longer

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Free


Do you know it is possible to extend your iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7 battery life for up to 3 days at single charge? How to save battery on iPhone 6s and older models? You have most likely heard that the Apple 7 Plus version is more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S8 and some other smartphones. Still is it…

Fix iMessage Activation Error That Occurred During Activation on iOS 10

Waiting to Activate iMessage Problem Fix iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8


Do you also experience the issue with your iMessage waiting for activation on iPhone with iOS 10 or 9 even after you learned how to improve iPhone 7 performance? There is a number of users who have this problem once in a while. Let’s learn how you can fix this activation bug using the simple and easy-to-follow workarounds. iMessage Activation…

5 Methods to Speed Up iPhone 7 and Improve Your Performance

How to speed up iPhone 7


Would you like to improve performance on your iPhone 7 or older phone? Sometimes you just need to use a couple of tricks and your mobile device will run much faster. Of course, this is important to do on old models and still even newest 7 and 7 Plus gadgets can require some additional work if you notice that your…

How to Use Read Later On Mode on iPad and iPhone in Chrome

Read Later Chrome Option


There are several great apps that let you read your web pages offline. You can also save your favorite page to read later on directly on iPhone or iPad. This task is as simple as sharing analytics data on your mobile device. You’ll quickly master everything and become an expert in saving amazing stories, news and blogs through Google Chrome…

How to Check Your iPhone Activation Lock Status for Free Online

How to Check Activation Lock on iPhone


A lot of us still remember the Activation Lock status web-site created and later removed by Apple. It was a quick way to get details about your iPhone Activation lock. Unfortunately those days are gone while millions of iPhone owners still have the need to check their iPhone IMEI status and wish to find another simple and fast solution. Check…

How to Easily Share iCloud and iPhone Data via iOS 10.3 Analytics Tools

Share Data Analytics on iCloud or iPhone


Users who are running iOS 10 are surely following all the firmware updates. Apple is improving its mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad and you can share iCloud data on iOS 10.3 which is impossible on earlier platform versions. It is also possible to share your iPhone analytics data using the same method. Why would anyone want to share…

How to Type Special Symbols on iPhone 7 or iOS 10 iPhone 6

iPhone Special symbols


It’s hard to keep in mind all the iPhone keyboard symbols. Do you also search for how to type copyright symbol each time you need to use one in a text message? Personally I do. I also search for registered and trademark symbols while it’s so much easier to use iOS 10 symbols offered by your mobile keyboard. I have…

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