Purchased Song Isn’t Downloaded on iTunes. How to Fix Problems

iTunes Download Problems Songs Redownload iPhone 7


Do you experience new iTunes download problems? There are users who report weird issues with this program. For example, a purchased song is not download on iPhone or your computer. Is there a fix to such bugs? Most Apple issues can be fixed without new program updates [learn how to transfer files on iPhone]. There is no need to wait…

How to Gift iMessage Stickers on iOS 10 iPhone 7

iMessage Stickers iOS 10 iPhone


Is it your friend’s birthday or any other holiday you want to celebrate in an unusual manner? You can take advantage of iMessage stickers that are perfect for iOS 10 iPhone and iPad. Have you heard that you can send sticker pack telegram via your ‘fruit’ device? It’s simple, fast and it can be a wonderful gift idea for any…

How to Transfer Files on iPhone: iOS Notes App Tutorial for Evernote Users

How to Use Best iPhone Transfer Software


Would you like to transfer files to iPhone without iTunes? There are a lot of different iPhone transfer software you can use. Everything depends on the type of files you wish to move between your phones or between iPhone and Mac. For example, if you are using Evernote that is believed to be a wonderful note application – there is…

Cool iOS 10 Features to Preserve iPhone Camera Settings

iPhone Camera Preserve Settings


There is a list of iPhone 7 hidden features that become available after particular firmware versions update. For example, once updated to iOS 10.2 you’ll be able to play around with your iPhone camera settings and preserve changes. This can be done on different smartphone models and Apple iPad devices. There is an awesome addition to iOS 10 settings (have…

How to Use Single Sign On Technology on iPhone and iPad

Single Sign On iPhone 7 Enable Guide


The long iOS 10 features list is growing fast. There is a new edition in iOS 10.2 firmware version and it uses single sign on technology for both iPhone and iPad. Apple offers its customers single sign on solutions and the first example arrives with operating system update. By the way, you can fix iPhone 7 storage full issue in…

iPhone 7 Storage Full But Not… How to Free Up iPhone Cache

How to Clean Cache on iPhone


Is your iPhone storage full but not? It’s important to get iPhone cache cleaner and clean your memory once in a while. This way you can remove junk files and free up so much space you’ll be surprised (it is easy to reduce mobile data usage on Apple phone). Is it possible to deal with iPhone storage full issue without…

Find Out If You’re Eligible for iPhone 6s Battery Replacement from Apple

iPhone 6s Battery Replacement Free


Some Apple users come across iPhone battery replacement issues eventually. How do you know it’s time to repair your decide? Are you eligible for the free iPhone 6s battery replacement service offered by the Cupertino-based giant? The iPhone 6s was released in 2015. The latest iPhone 7 is an upgrade Apple sells this year. Not all users are eager to…

Learn How to Get iPhone 7 Out of Headphone Mode

iPhone 7 Stuck in Headphone Mode


The ‘fruit’ devices always have various issues and bugs you have to solve or wait for the Cupertino-based giant to fix on your behalf. Some Apple users might even remember the iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode water problem. It seems to also happen to new iPhone 7 models. What should you do when you can’t deal with iPhone headphone…

AT&T iPhone 7 Data Usage Check for Current Period

Check AT&T iPhone Data Usage


Every new Apple handset user wonders how to check data usage on iPhone 7 or other model. We decided to mention the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus because these two models are the latest in the market. The company officially released both phones in the fall 2016 and a lot of customers expect to find one under their Christmas…

How to Solve Haptic Feedback iPhone 7 Not Working Problem

iPhone 7 Haptic Feedback Not Working


Is haptic feedback not working on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus model? This could be a rather unpleasant issue for those who took their chance to upgrade their Apple phone this year. The company released the new generation iPhone 7 with improved battery, camera, bigger storage capacity [same iPhone 6 and 6s design though] and other interesting specs…

Save on iPhone 7 Mobile Bill by Reducing Data Usage

iPhone 7 Data Usage How to Reduce


You probably know how to reduce data usage on iPhone 6 so it’s now time to learn the details about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The latest generation smartphones were presented by Apple in September. A lot of customers decided to update to this handset even though it doesn’t look like major upgrade. Of course, the device has its…

Does Apple Unlock iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models? How to Become Factory Unlocked

iPhone 7 AT&T How to SIM Unlock


When we speak about how to unlock iPhone 7 / 7 Plus you could think about two different procedures. You can unlock iPhone AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint to support other networks or unlock the handset locked screen which doesn’t allow you inserting unsupported SIM cards and getting the signal. Does Apple unlock iPhone 7? Can you unlock iPhone AT&T without…

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