How to Make WhatsApp iPhone Messenger More Secure with 2 Step Verification

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Not all users are happy with the default iMessage. Some users prefer working with third-party programs. If you like using WhatsApp iPhone program you might also wish to learn how you can enable the two step verification on this iPhone 7 application [learn how to set up Google Voice on your smartphone]. It’s a simple, fast and great thing to do because you can improve your account security.

What will happen exactly once you enable the two step authentication on WhatsApp? Your iPhone will ask for the passcode each time you decide to use your WhatsApp account on a different gadget with your phone number. In other words, people who don’t know your password and associated iPhone number will not be able to access and use your account. Would you like to implement this idea into life?

WhatsApp Tips for iPhone 7

WhatsApp iPhone Tips

Once you decide to download WhatsApp for iOS 10 device you’ll definitely have to learn how you can turn on the security feature and protect your account. Similar protection is used by many other services and apps. For example, ‘fruit’ fans like the two step verification system for their Apple ID on both iDevices and Mac computers. It is also possible to use the 2-step authentication for your Gmail account.

Anytime you enable such protection you’ll have to provide your passcode (it usually consists of 6 digits) which you create on your own. Most programs that support the 2 step verification feature do not generate the code to verify your personality. In other words, you are the one who makes up this code and uses it for future authentication. You can also easily turn words into emojis while typing.

How to turn on two step authentication on WhatsApp iOS 10

How to Enable WhatsApp iPhone Two Step Authentication Option

Step 1. Open WhatsApp once you download and install this iOS 10 application for iPhone 7.

Step 2. Go to Settings. You should see this section at the lower right part of your screen.

Step 3. Click on your Account.

Settings for WhatsApp on iPhone

Step 4. Choose the Two-Step Verification menu.

2 step verification option for WhatsApp iPhone 7

Step 5. You need to Enable it.

Step 6. Create a 6 digit passcode that will be used to protect your account. Think about the code you’ll remember.

Enter passcode for two step verification on WhatsApp

Step 7. Enter the same code to confirm it.

Step 8. Sometimes you might forget the password that is why it’s nice if you can also add your email address to the same account. It will be used to reset the passcode if you ever decide to do so. You can also skin this step if you don’t want to tie the email to your WhatsApp account. Keep in mind that you do not protect the account with an email you won’t be able to reverify the account for 7 days once you can’t remember your password. You’ll use your phone number after a week passes by however any pending messages you’ll receive during this week will be permanently deleted.

Step 9. Confirm the email in case you entered it and click on Done option.

Step 10. Use your passcode to verify your account and use WhatsApp just as you ordinary do.

Turn off two step verification on iPhone 7 WhatsApp

How to Turn Off Two Step Verification for WhatsApp on iPhone

We want to also share some WhatsApp tricks for iPhone 2017 users who wish to disable the verification in two steps:

Step 1. Launch WhatsApp application.

Step 2. Choose Settings.

Step 3. Go to your Account.

Step 4. Select the Two-Step Verification menu.

Step 5. Disable the service.

Step 6. Confirm your decision by clicking on Disable once again. Now you won’t have to enter the passcode when you wish to register your phone number with this application on a new device or decide to factory unlock your AT&T iPhone model.

If you cannot reverify your WhatsApp for iPhone 7 30 days after you forget your passcode you’ll have to use a new account. The program will delete your old account and make up a new one for you.

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